Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation enables you to group together customers who have similar characteristics into a customer segment. By using the filter names, operators, and values, you can build customer segments that are as broad or as narrow as you need. Your customer segments help you to communicate effectively by sending the right message to the right customers at the right time.

Using customer segmentation to engage your customers

Customer segmentation can help you to create targeted marketing campaigns that use personalized messaging.

By focusing on a particular customer segment, you can develop meaningful content for those customers. For example, you can share a promotion with your regular customers that is different than one that you would share with your customers who haven't made a purchase yet. Or, you can promote products and events to customers in a specific geographic location.

Creating messaging that is relevant to a customer helps you to create an engaged customer.

Using customer segmentation to understand your customers

Customer segmentation can be used to learn more about your customers and to discover specific information about your customers' purchasing behavior. For example, you can identify how many customers have an address in a particular city, or who your most loyal customers are.

Combined with predicted spend tier, you can use customer segmentation to develop the most cost-efficient marketing strategies for your business.

Updating your customer segments automatically

Your customer segments are updated automatically, which makes it easy to manage them.

After you create a customer segment, new customers who match the criteria are automatically included in that customer segment. For example, if you create a customer segment that includes all your customers who subscribe to your marketing emails, then any new customers who subscribe to your marketing emails are automatically included in that customer segment.

If an individual customer matches the criteria for more than one customer segment, then that customer will be included in all applicable customer segments.

When an existing customer no longer matches the criteria for a customer segment, they're automatically removed from that customer segment.

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