What you need to consider when migrating

There are a number of considerations you should be aware of when you're migrating your store to Shopify:

Remove specific protocols from your assets

Make sure that all your store assets (theme files, stylesheets, or images) are always accessible by removing specific protocols such as http: and https: from their URLs.

Set up redirects

Make sure you set up URL redirects for pages that customers might have bookmarked. This will minimize the risk of losing customers who return to a page and find it unavailable after you've migrated to Shopify.


  1. Log in to the platform that you're migrating from.
  2. Find the URL redirects section in your account settings. The placement of this varies by platform. If you're unable to find where to add URL redirects, search the Help Center of the platform you're migrating from.
  3. Enter your old URL in the from field and a new Shopify URL in the to field.
  4. Repeat this process for all the URLs you want to redirect.
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