Shopify Home

Shopify Home is the Shopify admin landing page. Shopify Home displays information about daily tasks, the next steps you need to take with your orders, recent sales activity on your store, and steps you can take to build and grow your business.

On this page


The Home metrics section displays a sales summary for your overall business. You can view sales data for your different sales channels from Today, Yesterday, This week, and This month by using the drop-down menus.

If you want more detailed analytics about your store's sales and engagement data, then open the Analytics page.

Things to do next

The Things to do next displays actionable tasks to help grow your business, and are customized to your business.

Order tasks

Any open order tasks are displayed organized by task, with the number of each task that needs to be completed. Examples of order tasks include the following actions:

  • Capture a payment.
  • Mark an order as fufilled.
  • Archive a completed order.

Home cards

Cards are blocks of information that change regularly to adapt to your business. There are different types of cards that are displayed based on your store's recent activity and what you've been doing in Shopify. Home cards can contain the following types of information:

  • Updates on new Shopify features that are relevant to your business.
  • Advice on how to get the most out of Shopify.
  • Actionable insights, which provide data-driven information about your store and a related recommended action based on that insight.
  • Guides for recommended tasks you can take that can help you to achieve a high-level outcome for your business, such as higher sales or improved conversion.

Dismiss home cards

You can dismiss and provide feedback on any Home cards except for order tasks.

Click Dismiss to hide a card until the information becomes relevant again.

Click Send Feedback to leave feedback about a card. Shopify uses this information to improve future Home cards.

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